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TOPIC: Nomaad rogue Raider

Nomaad rogue Raider 3 months 3 weeks ago #14623

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Charactername Nomaad
Realm:    Darkspear
Level (1-100):   110
Class:    rogue
Talent:   Subtlety  worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/darkspear/nomaad 
Applying as:    Raider
1. What spec are you currently playing? If you have a raid-worthy offspec, tell us something about it.
2. Have you tried all specs of your character? Why have you chosen the spec you are currently playing?
I tryed to play assasinasion rogue too, but its nothing for me. I like playing Subtlety rogue, becouse im love with rogues from TBC. I like his combo and the DMG he is able to do. And i think they are very ussefull in Raids.
3. Do you have any relevant alt and have you ever changed main character? If so, who was your main character in the past and have you renamed your main or alts?
I have one alt. And thats my Demon hunter, but im not playing him every day, its like ones a week. Cuz hes just like Chaos strike, Chaos strike, Chaos strike, Only one click button. But my main is allways rogue
4. Why did you choose to play this class as your main?
As i already said. I just love him, the way he looks.. The playstyle. Combos. I love everything about my main.
5. We raid Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday (20.00 - 00.00 Servertime/CET). How many of those raid nights can you attend? Can you keep a 75% signup frequency (aiming for higher)?    
To be honest, i can be on every raid wich you want me to be. :)
6. What days do you play?
Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday
7. Do you have a stable internet connection and a pc that can handle 20m raiding?"
Yes i have, i bought new PC its like 6 months. I have aroud 150FPS and aroud 30MS
8. How much time do you play per week and between what times do you play (for example 18:00 - 00:00 Thursday, Friday, Sunday)?
Its really hard to say. I play ALOT. And very often, i log in every single day, for like 4 hours minimun.
9. Have you ever changed server?
No i dont, but i thing its not problem for me.
10. What is your guild history and why did you decide to move on?
I have been in one guild around 6 month. But leader had some problem and left the guild, so all of the members left too. And thats it ..
11. Why do you want to become a part of Angels of Ares?
I want to be part of Angels of Ares, becouse im trying to find some guild, where everyone helping each other, and im looking for raiding guild. And i think you are the one.
12. Do you know anybody in Angels of Ares and where do you know them from?
I dont know anyone. :)
13. What is your raiding experience?
I dont know how to explain it.. Right know im on 5/9 HC ToS.
14. What raid addons do you use? Which websites do you check for class theorycraft? .Please attach a screenshot of your Characters UI to assist your application
Im using - elvUI, DBM, EPGP lootmaster, Skada. i dont know hot to attach screenshot. But i can send it to you, on discord ETC
15. What stats do you consider most important for your class/spec and why? How do you decide if an item is an upgrade for you?
The most consider stats for me as Subtlety rogue are - Master --> Versality --> Crit.. And all of those i choose for one reason. it gives me better dmg in eviscerate .. what is my most DPS/DMG spell. And i decide if an item is an upgrade easily, It must have one of these Stats, (mastery prefered) and if its better ilvl than i have,
16. What skills do you use to do your job? How and why do you use them (think of rotations/priority list etc)?
the main spells for me are - Backstab, its my only one spell wich generates combo points, if i dont calculate my artifact weapon spell. Second is eviscerate ( my best dps spell) next one is Night Blade, wich increase the dmg i deal into enemy. My rotation is simple - 1. Shadow blades 2. Shadow strike 2. Backstab 3.Night blades 4. Night blades 5. Shadow Dance 7. Shadow strike 8. Symbols of death 9. shadow strike 10. eviscerate 11. shadow strike 12. backstab 13. vanish 14. death from above 15. shadow dance 16. shadow strike 17. shadow strike 18. eviscarete 19. night blades.
17. What professions have you picked and why did you pick them?
i pick herbalism, becouse you can make lot of money from it
18. How can you tell the difference between a good and mediocre player of your class?
By checking his rotation, His talents, His priority stats.
19. Tell us something about your specific talent choices, other talent specs and glyphs to fulfil your role in the raid.
Im using the specific shadow build. 15lvl - Master of subtlety 30- Nightstalker 45-deeper strateegem 60- Cheat death 75-Prey on the weak 90- Dark shadow 100- Death from above
20. And finally, do you have a cat ? (the feline - yes this is a serious question)
No i dont, i have 3 Italian gray hounds. And i think they will dont like to see cat in they region :D
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Nomaad rogue Raider 3 months 3 weeks ago #14625

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Hello Nomaad,
Thank you for your interest in our guild. Unfortunately we are declining your app. We are currently looking for players that are up to par with our current team for further progress into mythic. Good luck finding a suitable guild.

Kind regards,
The topic has been locked.
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