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Charactername Matthewalnut
Realm:    Emerald Dream
Level (1-100):   110
Class:    hunter
Talent:   Marksmanship  
Profession:   Herb/Inscritption
Applying as:    Social
1. What spec are you currently playing? If you have a raid-worthy offspec, tell us something about it.
Marksmanship, confident also with BM. Still need to try melee Surv.
2. Have you tried all specs of your character? Why have you chosen the spec you are currently playing?
I need to check with Legion changes. Always enjoyed most MM.
3. Do you have any relevant alt and have you ever changed main character? If so, who was your main character in the past and have you renamed your main or alts?
110 Priest, 110 Demon Hunter. Both PvP oriented on Nemesis Realm, Horde side. Never changed my main. Matt is my main since TBC
4. Why did you choose to play this class as your main?
It was a friend suggestion, then I found that Hunter was the gameplay I liked the most.
5. We raid Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday (20.00 - 00.00 Servertime/CET). How many of those raid nights can you attend? Can you keep a 75% signup frequency (aiming for higher)?    
Applying as Social. But can raid almost every night if you need a spot filler
6. What days do you play?
Monday , Tuesday , Wednesday , Thursday , Friday , Saturday , Sunday
7. Do you have a stable internet connection and a pc that can handle 25m raiding?"
8. How much time do you play per week and between what times do you play (for example 18:00 - 00:00 Thursday, Friday, Sunday)?
I play almost every day. During evening between 18-01
9. Have you ever changed server?
Yes, in the mid of WotLK moved to Hakkar for three month in order to play with some RL Friends.
10. What is your guild history and why did you decide to move on?
Emerald Dream: Twilight Hope (left to move to Hakkar) Renaissance and Asylum. Both disbanded.

11. Why do you want to become a part of Angels of Ares?
Angels of Ares are synonymous of excellence and of a great guild.
12. Do you know anybody in Angels of Ares and where do you know them from?
I don't think so
13. What is your raiding experience?
In Legion I have LFR exp. Didn't play WoD and Pandaria. Cataclysm and WotLK HC exp.
14. What raid addons do you use? Which websites do you check for class theorycraft? .Please attach a screenshot of your Characters UI to assist your application
I'm using the standard add ons and standard WOW UI.
I think Icy-Veins is a good site to check for class updates and theories.
15. What stats do you consider most important for your class/spec and why? How do you decide if an item is an upgrade for you?
Armor Penetration (joking)
16. What skills do you use to do your job? How and why do you use them (think of rotations/priority list etc)?
I try to keep vulnerabile always up with Marked Show and Windburst. Aimed, Arcane as focus filler (or multi if more than two enemies) Explo shot when I'm in range.
17. What professions have you picked and why did you pick them?
Herb and Inscription, for fun.
18. How can you tell the difference between a good and mediocre player of your class?
When i was a good player the difference between me and other was that i was always happy to learn and study tactics and new specs and rotation. Now i think the difference between players is too much about traits and gear. But maybe I'm wrong.
19. Tell us something about your specific talent choices, other talent specs and glyphs to fulfil your role in the raid.
I think this is an old question when there was something to choose :p
20. And finally, do you have a cat ? (the feline - yes this is a serious question)
I have two. Iris and Dafne. twins.
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Hello Matt,

You are welcome to join for a social spot.

Kind regards,
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