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Below you can find the current requirements:

  • A. the person behind the character 

    1. Mature players, who love end-game PvE raiding, including the learning and wipes.
    2. Team player who understands that sorting a 20 man raid requires flexibility in terms of respeccing and /or switching people in / out, 
    3. Team player who understands that in order to get a raid started, all people need to be there on time, at the instance.
    4. Team player who understands that in order to get raids as smooth as possible, everyone has to maximize his/her raid input by having a PvE-spec, buff up, use consumables, and learn the encounters before coming to the raid. 
    5. A teamplayer who understands that loot is a tool to progress, and drama queens and lootwhores are not welcome here. 
    6. A teamplayer who doesnt give up  and continues to sign even though it is a progress nights with wipes on new bosses. 
    7. A teamplayer who doesnt sign out last minute. Not attending 100% is definitly OK, signing out in advance is OK, signing out 10 minutes before the raid is not. 
    8. A true PvE player with previous raid experience in 20 man raids.
    9. Be available to raid between the SERVER hours of 20:00-24:00 THURSDAY,TUESDAY AND SUNDAY. 
    10. Raid breaks only happen during christmas eve, til New Years, but if enough signups available, then raiding continues.
      • Attendance of 75% is minimum we ask to have a solid group to progress.
  • B. the character 


    1. Must be MAX level for raiding content!
    2. Have the necessary raid addons installed (and this changes over time ofc),With for dps this includes Omen, for healers an addon like grid/clique, ORA3 and EPGP Lootmaster for all raiders, when the guild uses 1 tool for all, install that tool.
    3. Have installed and know how to use Discord.
    4. Have the gear required to be succesful in the instances we raid. 
    5. The person behind the character need to have a good attitude.
The guild's current needs for average high end geared players. List can be seen at portal or
Exceptions can and will be made for well geared - highly experienced players of classes not currently highly desired.


So you want to join...

If you feel that you would fit into the guild and your main characters class is listed as highly desireable.
Or, if you feel that you have something special to offer the guild,
please continue on to the application form by clicking on the link below.
After reviewing your application, you will be contacted in-game or via email by a Senior Officer.
The officer will complete the application process by interviewing you and will then discuss your application
with other officers to determine if you will be recruited, denied or placed on a waiting list until a spot opens up.

Application form


Or just register.

Prefer a private application? Click here



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